Type: E-books
Categories: Novels
Origin country: Faroe Islands
ISBN: 978-99918-76-02-3
Producer: Sprotin

Á ferð inn í eina óendaliga søgu (e-books)

The novel A Journey Into an Unending Story begins when a woman of the Hidden People lures 3 year old Hugin out into the field for a few days. This strange incident stays with him for the rest of his life. Hugin struggles to become a recognized author in a narrow-minded community marked by opression and traditionalist Christian notions that you should not drink, smoke, curse, dance or fraternize with girls. The pen becomes Hugin’s weapon against the authorities and the path back into his childhood world.

“There was no notion of me quitting anything. I left for a while and then I would come back. In addition I started writing about everything. About the rock and the tussock, the beach and the river, the whelk boxes and the cries of the gull. Even the dock flowers took their place in my thick books alongside many, many other things - such as the frecked leaves of the orchid which smells like a lady heading for the dance. And I was determined to write so passionately about all these things that others would end up cherishing them just as much as I did.” (Excerpt from vol. IV, 178)

Type: E-books
Categories: Novels
Origin country: Faroe Islands
Producer: Sprotin

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Review Á ferð inn í eina óendaliga søgu

Á ferð ...
12-11-2012 | Gunnar Hoydal

"Her luktar, her angar, her fæst upp í lógvarnar og millum fingrarnar av myndum, so at lesarin hugsar: um einaferð øll skjøl fóru fyri skeyti, ið greiddu frá hesum tíðarskeiði í Føroyum, men bara hetta skaldaverkið stóð eftir, so vistu vit kortini fyri alla tíð, hvussu tað var at liva og vera til hesi árini í hesum landi."

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