Type: E-books
Origin country: Faroe Islands
Categories: Other Books
ISBN: 978-99918-73-75-6
Producer: Sprotin

Maðurin við topphúgvuni (e-books)

THE BOBBLE HAT GOALKEEPER is the story about the truck driver from a Faroese village who dreamed of becoming a professional footballer. He burst unto the football scene in 1990, when the Faroese amateurs shocked the rest of Europe by winning 1-0 against Austria. Suddenly, he was the centre of attention, this player in the odd bobble hat. A slew of reporters visited the Faroes to interview him and international clubs showed him interest.

This book is about one Faroese footballer’s endless struggle to pass through the eye of the footballing needle. Jens Martin Knudsen played in the best local division in 1985, when Faroese football had nothing to show for itself. There wasn’t even a field with artificial turf, let alone real grass. The league competition was poorly organised. Most of the players were out of shape and overweight.But with the bobble-hatted man between the goal posts, the Faroes gained respect in Europe. 

And when he bowed his head for the last time in 2007, Faroese football had risen to the top of its league, being unbeatable among the micro-nations. Jens Martin Knudsen was a key figure in this amazing story, from the gravel pitches in 1985 to the organised professional football of 2007.
Type: E-books
Origin country: Faroe Islands
Categories: Other Books
Producer: Sprotin

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