Type: E-books
Categories: Education, Other Books
Origin country: Faroe Islands
ISBN: 978-99972-1-034-0
Producer: Sprotin

Málmaðurin í útvarpinum 3 (e-books)

  • Language? Is it science or culture – or perhaps both? Find an answer here
  • Can hampafólk (idiom for a good and honest person) refer to a social class?
  • In Faroese, should you write “ið hvussu er” rather than “í hvussu er”?
  • Is it possible to reintroduce “stjúkmamma” (“stepmother”) into Faroese?
  • Can one say “okkara elskaði maður, pápi...” (our beloved husband, father...) without implying he has several wives?
  • Why are Posta and BankNordik linguistically unfortunate?
  • How should we think of politically correct language?
  • Why do both hárógva and andróðursstykki refer to the rump of cattle
  • Kvíggjevni – what does that mean?
  • Do we knit a sweater or knit a yarn, do we bake a cake or bake dough into a cake?
  • Why is the song “tann grái Fordurin” (“The Blue Ford”) ingenious? 


The collection also includes an essay on how Faroese is becoming an increasingly analytic language, i.e. the syntax is moving toward simple words and inflections are losing their significance.
Type: E-books
Categories: Education , Other Books
Origin country: Faroe Islands
Producer: Sprotin

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