Translators and Proofreaders 

All our translators hold advanced degrees in language, literature or related fields of study.
Some are experts in legal texts and others in technology, some in biology and others in music.
What they have in common is valuable experience, having worked in their field of specialisation for many years.

In order to ensure fluency in translation, we require that our translators either are native speakers of the language
they translate into or have studied and lived in a country, in which the language is spoken. 



We translate into:
Faroese, Danish, Icelandic, English, French and German.

We translate from:
Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic, English and German.



At times we are approached by customers, who want a particularly well-written text.
This is common when a company wants to modify or rewrite a text to ensure it meets their goals.
In such projects, our wordsmiths are directly involved in the re-writing and editing process.
The book KOKS (Book for Cooks, 2012) is a good example; our wordsmiths and translators were
responsible for the book’s Faroese and English texts.


A solitary exception

We do not proofread or translate papers, projects and dissertations that are to be submitted for evaluation at a school or university. 



The cost is determined on a case-by-case basis. Among the factors taken into consideration when the cost is calculated are:
How difficult is the text to translate? Is it a general or specialist text, e.g. a legal or technical document?
Does the text only need minor corrections or heavy editing?

As soon as you have sent us your request, Tina Ragnudóttir, our coordinator, will, in consultation with the translator
or proofreader, calculate the cost and send you a quotation and expected delivery date.


Final layout

More and more of our customers, after their texts have been translated or proofread,
make use of Sprotin’s graphic designers, who can make the final layout of the text,
get it printed and bound in e.g. 10, 30 or 50 copies, ready to be presented.


Please contact us for further information
Tina Ragnudóttir
Tel. +298 25 92 59