Virtual keyboard
You can use the virtual keyboard, if your own does not contain the special signs or letters.

Choose a language in the left margin in order to access the keyboard that contains the letters of the respective language.

Please note that the active search column is not active while you use the virtual keyboard.
Where do you want to search?
This is the most common search. All dictionaries will be searched simultaneously. This means you can switch between the various dictionaries without re-entering your search term.

When you have found your word, you can make a search within the definition text. This is a great help when looking for a proverb, idiom, etc.
If you enter a phrase or sentance in the search field, you need to place them within quotation marks, e.g. "hann róði bátin" or "livst so spyrst"
Search results
What do the icons mean?
Listen to an audio prononciation of the word
Show inflected form of the word
Read about the origin of the word
Add the word to your favorites
Share word description on Facebook, Twitter or by Email
Send feedback to the dictionary owner
Organise your own dictionary
In the right margin you can organise your own personal dictionary to serve your unique needs. The function is connected to your “user” so you must be signed in to see it.

You can arrange the row of dictionaries with the arrows. Dictionary 1 is the one furthest to your left.

You can choose which ones you want to be active. Push the round button (active/inactive), green buttons for active books, red for inactive books.
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