Type: E-books
Authors: Linn Ullmann
Categories: Novels
Origin country: Norway
Translation: Jákup í Skemmuni
ISBN: 978-99918-76-87-0
Producer: Sprotin

Áðrenn tú sovnar (e-books)

Linn Ullmann

Áðrenn tú sovnar is about troublesome love and about the ability to live with a family which is just as insane and fragile as most other families.

The book is about a household and a family. For Linn Ullmann it goes without saying that she and other young authors give thought to the family: “The family is one of the most interesting things we have. You’re in a wedding, at a church confirmation or at a funeral and you see all these people that you are related to. They are dear to you - many of them at least - and yet you do not want to be in their company for too long. There are so many strange things, so many hitches in a family, but if we do not have one we end up in a strange vacuum. I grew up in a time when the core family was a notion to be decimated but this was not a perspective that many were comfortable with. Now the core household is once again in the centre of attention - not least in the political arena. This has an effect on authors and film creators. They look back at the family which we all are a part of and which no-one can separate oneself from. And it’s not just the household, the family and the ancestors whon are investigated. Questions about love and God; the big questions which we a generation ago wanted to answer by saying that such things did not exist. These are also back in the limelight. In us there is a sincere longing to be a part of something, to belong, while at the same time everything seems to become distorted when you attempt to act upon this longing.” It is not easy. Not easy at all. But humour and art can help you along the way.

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