Type: Paperbook
Categories: Poetry
Origin country: Faroe Islands
Making up: Sára Mikkelsen
ISBN: 978-99972-1-166-8
Pages: 86

Úti í haganum meðan skýmingin dettur úr vindeyganum (paperbook)

Christian Fróði Djurhuus

This poetry collection, which you are reading from, was written during a rehabilitation process for the better. Almost all the poems have been posted on my Facebook wall for the enjoyment of many. Some of the poems have the appearance of what I like to call documented personal conversations, but I believe they belong to the collection, nevertheless.

For many years, I have wrestled an often times lonely struggle with myself, and, as many people know, I have suffered from schizophrenia. Writing has been a very liberating tool to help me express what I was otherwise unable to express orally.

I have mentioned to many of my friends, who also write poetry, that religion has hindered my literary imagination, but this is not to be taken the wrong way, because I have also written several psalms and songs, which have not been included in this collection, but which I am personally very proud of after all.

To tell the truth, I have suffered from mental abuse, internally as well as externally, and the only relief has been my poetry writing.

Some poems have been translated from other Scandinavian languages, but I think they fit into this collection, as they in a way portray what I like to read, and what inspires me to write. The translated poems have been marked as such.

“Duld eru døpul mein” (the great sorrows are kept to oneself), goes the saying. But hopefully, these poems that have now been published, are not too mysterious for you, the reader.



Christian Fróði

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