Type: Audiobooks
Authors: Gunnar Hoydal
Categories: Novels
Origin country: Faroe Islands
Reciter: Páll Danielsen
ISBN: 978-99972-1-267-2
Date of publication : 9. November 2016
Length: 17t30m
Production: KVF
Size: 714.44 MB

Í havsins hjarta (audiobooks)

Gunnar Hoydal
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About the author Gunnar Hoydal

is born in 1941 and is an architect. Since 1964, he has written poetry, songs and other kinds of literature. He has translated several literary works into Faroese and has also written specialist literature, especially on Faroese art and artists. In 1969 he won the Nordic architecture competition for a project on the old town in Tórshavn. Since 1997 he has worked full-time as an author, translator and consultant.

He published Í Havsins Hjarta (The Heart of the Sea) in 2007. The book has been translated into Danish and was nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Price in 2009.

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