Type: Paperbook
Categories: Novels
Origin country: Germany
Translation: Elin Henriksen
ISBN: 978-99918-71-89-9
Pages: 260
Cover: Heft bók

Veggurin (paperbook)

Marlene Haushofer

A woman takes a trip with her relatives for a few days at a hunting lodge in the mountains of Austria. Her relatives, a married couple, take a walk down to the village and never return. The next morning the woman goes out to look for them but when she reaches the mouth of the valley she bumps into an invisible wall that no one can walk through. On the other side of the wall everything is frozen – birds, animals and people. In the valley the woman is shut off from everything; and together with her animals – a dog, a cat and a cow – she fights her way through spring, summer, fall and winter. Through this struggle she gets to know her body, her past, her natural surroundings and the conditions of humans in nature.

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