Pappírsbøkur Ljóðbøkur Ymiskar vørur Høvundar Týðarar Kápusnið
Type: Paperbook
Categories: Poetry
Origin country: Faroe Islands
Making up: Gramar
ISBN: 99918-44-81-3
Date of publication : 16. December 2010
Pages: 20
Cover: Fløga

September í bjørkum sum kanska eru bláar

Carl Jóhan Jensen

Carl Jóhan Jensen has never been anywhere near as good a poet as he is now. He has created his own style and those who enjoy reading contemporary poetry will enjoy this accomplishment.  

Carl Jóhan is also an excellent reciter. That is why this edition comes in the form of a CD, where Carl Jóhan has read all the poems. 

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About the author Carl Jóhan Jensen

was born in 1957. He holds a degree in linguistics and literature. Jensen is a poet, author, journalist and reviewer. He was one of the main contributors to Fregnir during its four years of publication and was known for his blunt reviews and pointed political commentary.

His novel Ó-søgur um djevulskap (Ó –Tales of Abominations) was nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Price in 2007. The novel is translated into Norwegian and Swedish. It has been published in Norway, where it has received positive reviews.

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