Type: Paperbook
Authors: Jakob Jakobsen
Categories: Other Books
Origin country: Faroe Islands
Translation: Tummas Lenvig
Making up: Sonja Kjølbro
ISBN: 978-99972-1-234-4
Pages: 108

Føroysk sagnasøga (paperbook)

Jakob Jakobsen

The legendary history, which has been translated here, was published by H. N. Jacobsen’s Publishers in Danish in 1904 and printed in Copenhagen with the title FÆRØSK SAGNHISTORIE med en indledende oversight over Øernes almindelige Historie og Litteratur (Faroese Legendary History with an introductory overview of the islands’ general history and literature).

The legendary history was targeted at Danes, who did not know the Faroese language, yet were interested in Faroese matters, and it consists of a limited selection of specific legends, which may provide an idea of society and people’s living conditions on the islands in the olden days.

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