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Type: Paperbook
Authors: Kerstin Ekman
Categories: Other Books
Origin country: Sweden
Translation: Jákup í Skemmuni
Making up: Sára Mikkelsen
ISBN: 978-99972-1-509-3
Date of publication : 20. April 2023

Renna úlv

Kerstin Ekman

(That is when he appeared. Effortlessly, which was simple to understand; after all, this world belonged to him. He appeared from the woods a little way behind the ski track. He positioned himself on the marshy ground between a mulberry bush and a stunted pine. Careful, he peered out from the snow-clad morass and turned his head so that I saw his profile with its noble nose, the sloped forehead, and the pointed ears.)

Ulf Norrstig, a retired hunter, narrates this compact story, which takes place in the north of Sweden in Helsingia. After his encounter with the wolf, he begins to reflect on the hunt, the animals, and the forest.

As the years go by, new memories appear to him.

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