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Type: Paperbook
Authors: Martin Joensen
Categories: Education, Poetry
Origin country: Faroe Islands
Making up: MJ Media
ISBN: 978-99918-77-07-3
Date of publication : 11. November 2010
Cover: Heft bók


Martin Joensen

The Musical Skuggagestir (Shadow Guests), written by Martin Joensen in 1990, depicts in words and music a night of partying in the late 1980s. We follow a number of youths, representing various viewpoints and social backgrounds, their conversation, humour, emotions and hopes. Love is simultanously a sweet and bitter part of life, also this evening. We meet Sólrun and Jógvan, a married couple who are the parent of one the youths. They feel estranged from this new generation ... and from themselves, perhaps? And while tragedy lurks on the murky horizon, the evening and life marches on...  

“Skuggagestir” the CD accompanies the book.

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