Type: Paperbook
Categories: Education, Poetry
Origin country: Faroe Islands
ISBN: 99918-978-44-36-8
Date of publication : 17. November 2010
Pages: 88
Cover: Heftið

Beint ígjøgnum hjartað

The basis is “Káta hornið” (The Merry Corner) by Teitur Lassen. The material is divided into four segments.  

  • Language, Culture and Opinions’ deals with the issues of language, culture and society in different levels in the lyrics.
  • Existentialism’ treats questions of existence in the lyrics.
  • The Manuscript’ leads us on a journey through the lyrics with monologues together with the songs.
  • The music video is to be seen as something seperate as it does not constitute a part of the album itself. There are many untried possibilities to create Faroese music videos.


The segments encourage students to examine the lyrics in different ways and to see the different layers which can be found in song lyrics, even when they are short and everyday-like.  A DVD with the music video “Ongir pengar” is included.

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