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Type: Paperbook
Categories: Novels
Origin country: Faroe Islands
Making up: Sonja Kjølbro
ISBN: 978-99918-71-55-4
Date of publication : 3. December 2012
Pages: 554
Cover: Heft bók

Skugganna land

Annfinnur í Skála

They stood and looked at each other in fear. Where a flat bedrock had been they suddenly saw a large stone. Kjartan went over to have a closer look. The stone was is if it had been forced into the others. He wasn’t even able to work his knife into the crack where the bedrock had been. 

They didn’t understand anything because not only had the path home dissappeared; time itself had changed. It was suddenly afternoon. They could see the sunlight on the mountain sides in the east. It had to be in the east, right? In front of them the scenery had suddenly changed and the mountains were forested! 

Where are we? Have we moved to Norway or Sweden? Hallbera asked. 

“Skuggana land” is a shortened and revised edition of the two books “Hjá dvörgum í Niðafjöllum”  and “Ferðin til Zambora”, for which Annfinnur Í Skála received M. A. Jacobsen’s literary prize in 2001.
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About the author Annfinnur í Skála

was born in 1941 in Tórshavn. He holds a degree (cand. mag.) in history and English. He was a lecturer at a local secondary school for many years and is now a full-time dictionary editor.

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