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Type: Paperbook
Categories: Poetry
Origin country: Faroe Islands
ISBN: 978-99918-71-24-0
Date of publication : 10. November 2010
Pages: 172
Cover: Heft bók


Alexandur Kristiansen

Filomela is the fifth and final collection of translations from the hand of Alexander Kristiansen. There are more than a hundred translations of works by some of the best known authors through the ages.

The collection begins with a translation of Archilochos, who was the first totally subjective poet in world literature. In ancient Greece he was named together with Homer and Hesiod but only a few fragments of his poetry have been preserved. Following this are approximately 20 poems (mostly epigrams) from Roman and Greek antiquity. Among them is the poem Integrity by Horace. It is a well constructed poem and with his excellent poetry Horace can be deemed to be among the Roman poets who have had the greatest influence on the ages.

Eastern poetry is mostly represented by Li Po, the great poet from the Tang dynasty.

From the Middle Ages up to the nineteenth century there are poems from among others Michaelangelo Buanarotti, Alaxander Pope, Goathe, Blake and Heinrich Heine. Several sonets are also included. One of these was written by Scotsman Mark Alexander Boyd around 1600 but it did not surface until the 20th century. Ezra Pound is known to have said that it is the best sonet written in English.  

The generation which emerged just before and during the Second World War is represented among others by Ezra Pound, T.S. Elliot, Trakl, Williams and Pasternak. Cummings and Neruda are also well represented in the collection.  

In the second half of the collections we find several Nobel prize recipients: Czeslaw Miloz, Oktavio Paz, Wislawa Szymborska and finally there is the Irishman Seamus Heaney with some of his stirring poems.

Relatively much room is given to Rutger Kopland, who is not well known in our parts. He is Dutch and is highly esteemed in the Netherlends and in German speaking countries. There has been talk of giving him the Nobel prize. Another prospective for the Nobel prize is the Argentinian Juan Gelman. Both of these can now be read in Faroese for the first time.  

All in all these poems should give a good indication of what has been written and sung on the world stage, ever since Archilochos as the first one put forth his life “in print”.

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