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Type: Paperbook
Categories: Education
Origin country: Sweden
Making up: Sonja Kjølbro
ISBN: 978-99918-76-73-3
Date of publication : 15. August 2013
Pages: 92
Cover: Heft bók

Tann góða lesitilgongdin

Tann góða lesitilgongdin aids primary school teachers in teaching and encouraging new pupils to read.  

The book provides teachers with practical tools to evaluate and stimulate the reading competence of both individual pupils and whole classes during the first school years.  

Tann góða lesitilgongdin is anchored in the conviction that if pupils from the onset are taught well to read, it makes a big difference in the whole learning process.  

Tann góða lesitilgongdin gives good examples of how teachers can stimulate pupils in reading. The book contains tables that show the stages in the development of reading competences, and it provides examples of exercises that can be used by a class as a whole or in small groups.  

Tann góða lesitilgongdin specifically and concretely guides the teacher in how to develop the various reading competences.  

Annika Høj and Lív Magnussen have translated the book into Faroese.

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