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Type: Paperbook
Authors: Jonas Gardell
Categories: Religion and Art
Origin country: Sweden
Translation: Marjun Bæk
Making up: Sonja Kjølbro
ISBN: 978-99918-76-96-2
Date of publication : 15. January 2014
Pages: 354
Cover: Heft bók

Um Guð

Jonas Gardell

Humans have always sensed something that is seen as divine in their existence, and they have always sought to imagine this divine reality.  

What we today in the Christian world call God has developed from a plethora of images of the divine that exited in a variety of tribes and culture in the Middle East for thousands of years. These images of the divine are often contradictory.  

God receives his characteristics and attributes from clever tribal gods of shepherds, the vindictive mountain God Jahweh, the primordial El, king of the Canaanites, the dragon slayer Baal and Marduch. He reveals himself in storms and thunder, and at times makes his entrance as a demon.  
How can God be both loving and bloodthirsty?
When does the notion of eternal life dawn? And what about the devil?
How many creation narratives are there after all in the Bible?  

UM GUÐ (ON GOD) is a book for believers and doubters, it can be read by the Bible expert as well as the seeker, who has never opened a Bible. In it, the author searches for traces of God.  

Join this multifaceted journey in search of God.

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