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Type: Paperbook
Categories: Novels
Origin country: Faroe Islands
Making up: Sonja Kjølbro
ISBN: 978-99972-1-150-7
Date of publication : 13. August 2015
Pages: 238

Bókin um tað góða

Carl Jóhan Jensen

A man dies, leaving a manuscript behind.

Now what?

Well, that is what the editor, who coincidentally receives the manuscript on his computer, must ask himself.

On the outside, the author is a derelict, indeed, a drunken scoundrel. Filled with literary vanity, which frequently lacks congruence in dexterity and intellect.

And yet.

The manuscript, Bókin um tað góða (The book about goodness), turns out to be an unusually clever and poignant elucidation of society. An exceptionally good and profound insight into contemporary Faroese times.

Simply put, it must be taken seriously.

Bókin um tað góða is the story of the open-minded 60-year-old typographer K., who one spring morning in 2011 realises, that he has lost faith in the kind of goodness, that he was raised to believe goodness to be in a religiously narrow-minded environment.

And what do you do then?

You have two options.

Either, K. needs to reconstruct goodness inside his head somehow.

Or he must perish.

From this dilemma, an extraordinary, eventful story unfolds. A story, that not only touches upon contemporary Faroese society in a way that makes sparks fly, but which also manages to make a sarcastic and fateful connection between Faroese realities and the outside world.

Bókin um tað góða is a watershed in Faroese literature – a read compelling you to think again.

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René Hjelm / Varðin 2016 | 01-01-1970

About the author Carl Jóhan Jensen

was born in 1957. He holds a degree in linguistics and literature. Jensen is a poet, author, journalist and reviewer. He was one of the main contributors to Fregnir during its four years of publication and was known for his blunt reviews and pointed political commentary.

His novel Ó-søgur um djevulskap (Ó –Tales of Abominations) was nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Price in 2007. The novel is translated into Norwegian and Swedish. It has been published in Norway, where it has received positive reviews.

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