Type: Paperbook
Categories: Short Stories
Origin country: Faroe Islands
Making up: Sonja Kjølbro
ISBN: 978-99972-1-161-3
Pages: 268
Edit: Rakel Helmsdal

Nýtt flog - 650 orð x 62 (paperbook)

60 blooming writers try their wings in this book.

The radio broadcast Góðan morgun Føroyar pulled these blooming writers out into the light during the winter of 2014.

It was a dynamic and interesting literature feature. The writers were required to complete a story based on a fabricated situation such as:

You are standing on a train station with someone you know. Suddenly, in one of the windows of a train, you see that …


The door slammed hard behind her …

There you have it! Now rack your brains and concoct a story from this beginning. You are limited to 650 words, and the story is to be submitted to the radio station within a week.

Twelve broadcasts later, 82 writers had submitted 153 stories.

This collection presents the top 60.


The authors of Nýtt flog are:

Alma á Lava, Annika L. Dalsgaard, Annika Soll, Beinta V. Sigvardsen Hentze, Birita Djurhuus, Diana Skoradal, Durita Midjord, Edith Maria Petersen, Eyð Matras, Fríðmundur Nattestad, Halldóra Dam, Helle Thede Johansen, Herluf Hansen, Hervør Sabina á Torkilsheyggi, Jensina Olsen, Joan Sørinardóttir, Jonna Óluva Poulsen, Kára Egilstrøð, Kára Løkin, Katrin Hansen, Kristina Berg, Liljan av Fløtum Petersen, Maud Vang Hansen, Nanny Toftegaard, Petur F. Zachariassen, Poula Eyðbjørnsdóttir Hansen, Rakul í Gerðinum, Ria Tórgarð, Rói Matras Absalonsen, Rúna Josephsen, Sámal Soll, Sigrid K. Vang, Sigurbjørg F. Nielsen, Simona Midjord, Simona Weihe, and Sólvør P. Niclasen.

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