Pappírsbøkur Ljóðbøkur Ymiskar vørur Høvundar Týðarar Kápusnið
Type: Paperbook
Categories: Other Books
Origin country: Faroe Islands
Making up: Sára Mikkelsen
ISBN: 978-99972-1-309-9
Date of publication : 21. March 2019
Cover: Myndaeigari Hugin Eide
Year of publication: 2019
Pages: 500

Heimurin, ið hvarv

Knút Háberg Eysturstein
- útlagna sangtónaskaldið Regin Dahl og føroyska tjóðin

Regin Dahl ends up in exile when World War II breaks out.

The exile shapes him as a human and artist.

This book is a journey through our history, the national movement, and the formation of our identity; about the second world war, and about exile as a basic condition for modernity.

From this exile, Regin Dahl sings to us. He is a voice, shouting from the desert.

From exile.

He sings, lamenting the shared past, which we all have lost. About the life and community that he was torn away from. About the lost world, which he as a child and young man saw in fragments, but which suddenly disappeared and never came back.

But also, about love, nature, and bliss.

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