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Type: Paperbook
Authors: Anna Hüdepohl
Categories: Other Books
Origin country: Faroe Islands
ISBN: 978-99972-1-414-0
Pages: 74

Vit eru musikantar

Anna Hüdepohl
A playbook for the accordion

Teaching music is the best job in the world.

The accordion has been my faithful companion ever since I started school. It was my grandmother that said: “You should teach yourself to play an instrument! Why not the accordion?”

After having attended accordion school in Eckernförde in Germany, I attended the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, where I qualified as a musician, teacher, and soloist.

After my debut concert, I moved to the Faroe Islands, as I had been offered a job as an accordion teacher. In addition to teaching, I like playing music including folk music, classical music, chamber music, and Klezmer-Balkan-Gypsy music. I have also performed as a soloist with the Faroese Symphony Orchestra.

Music can bring joy throughout your entire life, and I’m thrilled to see the music bring light to the eyes of my students.

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