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Type: Paperbook
Categories: History
Origin country: Faroe Islands
Making up: Sonja Kjølbro
ISBN: 978-99972-1-478-2
Date of publication : 8. July 2022

Tættir og søgur úr Bíggjar søgu

Óla Jákup Guttesen

Many of the histories of the Faroese villages have been written down by men, who, while not historians by profession, possess special knowledge about their respective villages.

One such individual is Óla Jákup Guttesen, who has devoted a substantial amount of time at the Faroese National Archives poring over documents such as church registers, censuses, probate records, and registry books to unveil the circumstances under which the villagers of Bøur have lived throughout the ages.  

A village grows in accordance with its unique conditions. The few and gradual changes that have taken place were therefore memorable and etched into collective memory. Each new strip of field had a value and a name. Special events, fates, and changes are passed on from generation to generation.

Although times have changed, the collective memory endures in the villagers, who have inherited both the knowledge and a natural curiosity, and it is not uncommon that around the age of retirement, when work no longer occupies most of one’s day, men start spending their free time delving into old documents, seeking a deeper understanding of the village’s history.

The village itself carries threads of its history, gradually fading over time. These live on in the consciousness for a while, perhaps for generations, before ultimately disappearing. They must therefore be written down.

Now, some of the important stories from Bøur, known for its magnificent view, have finally been written down and will not fade away. The stories affirm what Faroese people already know: that in Bøur, people are not the kind to simply sit down and enjoy the view. Instead, with resilience, determination, and ambition, they have created a thriving community amid steep mountains.

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