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Type: Paperbook
Categories: Other Books
Origin country: Faroe Islands
Making up: Sára Mikkelsen
ISBN: 978-99972-1-504-8
Date of publication : 25. April 2023

Rímur á reki - Barnarímur o.a.

Alexandur Kristiansen

Rímur á reki is the third instalment of a three-volume collection of poetry.

The collection is 600 pages long.

The first volume is centred around translated poems from around the world. A collection of international poetry in Faroese, which Kristiansen translated over the course of half a century.

The second volume contains his own poems for adults – a good quality selection of poetry from all his published collections, spanning half a century.

This third volume contains children’s songs and rhymes that he composed ever since attending teachers’ college. He is the teacher capable of speaking to everyone, young and old alike; someone who sees greatness in small things, and who can describe things from unusual and childlike perspectives.

Kristiansen demonstrates a talent like that of Hans Andrias Djurhuus, namely being able to speak to anybody, and these three volumes clearly place Kristiansen in the same league.

These rare children’s poems delight both children and adults alike with their joie de vivre and clear message that encourages us to notice, wonder, and rejoice in life.

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