Type: Paperbook
Authors: Karsten Hoydal
Categories: Poetry
Origin country: Faroe Islands
Making up: Sára Mikkelsen
ISBN: 978-99972-1-304-4
Date of publication : 10. November 2018
Pages: 344
Cover: Heilbind

Grógvið og grøtt (paperbook)

Karsten Hoydal

Karsten thought a lot about growth, making something flourish and creating the proper growing conditions both physically and mentally. His thoughts reflected on healing when something needed to be fixed.

This is a memoir and it is therefore suitable to use these two verbs “have cultivated” and “have cared for” in the present perfect tense, which expresses a past event but has a present aspect. The Faroese title “Grógvið og grøtt” also has alliteration, which the author’s generation was fond of.  

Karsten’s poetry is charged with creative imagination that has both the soul and nature singing within each other. He constantly seeks this lyrical power and wants to get closer to nature. Like so many other poets, nature is a platform for existential thinking. But in few other writers is there such a strong relation between art and the perception of life, images and thought as there is in Karsten Hoydal’s work.

The images Karsten creates from nature are bursting with contrast-filled redemptions. The struggle between the opposites bears fruit and ends in song, but this simultaneously an acknowledgement of that which cannot be changed and a celebration of life as it is.

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About the author Karsten Hoydal

1912-1990 Hoydal was raised in Hoydalur (now a neighbourhood in Tórshavn). He held degrees in agriculture and fisheries. During World War II, he was an active member of the Faroese Society in Copenhagen. Hoydal was the director of the Office of Fisheries, a department of the Faroese home rule. He entered politics after living and working in South America for some years.

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