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Type: Paperbook
Categories: Nordic Literature
Origin country: Iceland
Translation: Poul Vestergaard
Making up: Else Sjúrðaberg
ISBN: 978-99918-73-06-0
Date of publication : 5. December 2012
Pages: 234
Cover: Heft bók


The main protagonist of this story is Sigurd son of Sigmund, who is also known from the Faroese Sjúrður Ballads. Sigurd is the fifth in the line of hero kings, a line which goes back to the God of Wisdom and Father of Victory, Odin. This divine power is present in most of the episodes: as the sword Gram is carried into the hall; when the storm is silenced before the sailing ship, with the choice of Grani the horse and when Sigurd must be defended in his grave from the venom of the dragon. Like a thread throughout the story we find lust and the pursuit of gold. Loki has forced the dwarf Andvari to give gold to the gods as ransom for murder. When the dwarf is being forced also to give up the final golden ring, he places a curse on all the gold. It is a story of supernatural powers as well as forces from the Underworld. In addition to the gods we see the norns, who bring the fate to children and a valkyrie which is sentenced to marry rather than fight. There is shapeshifting, men in wolfskin, werewolves and a wolf who is no other than the queen and the mother of the king. In Vølsungasøga we find out who is the real Lord of the Rings

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