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Type: Paperbook
Categories: Poetry
Origin country: Faroe Islands
Making up: Vasti
ISBN: 978-99918-44-93-0
Date of publication : 9. November 2010
Pages: 26
Cover: Heft bók


Oddfríður M. Rasmussen

Oddfríður M. Rasmussen’s new poetry collection is called Lívrám - it is one where he is trying something new. The collection is in two parts. The book itself is constructed in a way where half of it is upside down. Thus it can be read from both ends but it can also be read from one end to the other, depending on whether you want it to end well or badly.

One of the two parts is called “Lívrám sum viðrakingar”. It is about life, and how you periodically are struck by the force of life - be it in a good or bad way. The poems span from situations which may be seen as insignificant, to great cosmic questions that are difficult to understand. The second part is called “Lívrám sum pína í myrkrinum.” The author writes with concentrated imagery about life and creates a world at the bottom of the drawer where he ties the two main themes of all literature together: life and death. 

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About the author Oddfríður M. Rasmussen

was born in Tórshavn in 1969 and was raised in Sandur. He studied for two years at Forfatterskolen, a school for writers in Copenhagen. He writes poetry and short stories. Together with Arnbjørn Ó. Dalsgarð, he has edited the literary magazine Vencil since 2006.

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