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Type: Paperbook
Authors: Heðin Brú
Categories: Short Stories
Origin country: Faroe Islands
Making up: Sonja Kjølbro
ISBN: 978-99918-73-56-5
Date of publication : 5. December 2012
Pages: 554
Cover: Heilbind

Stuttsøgur - Heðin Brú

Heðin Brú

Heðin Brú was aware that he was living in the final stages of a long lasting era in the Faroes.

With respect and affection he observed the last people who represented this passing time period. He observed a people that for centuries had listened to and adapted to nature.

Nowhere else has the harmony between people and nature been better described.  

People taking care of their sheep, taking in the corn and running the boat are all depictions of the old, unchanging society with its fixed rhythm the year round.

They were mighty people because their skills were held in high regard among the townspeople, and they were rich even though they hardly owned anything because they lived their lives peacefully and in harmony with all living things.  

An awareness of society has also been weaved into the stories and the sketches. An awareness of how the wealth was distributed among those who did not have much to survive on and how character and a frame of mind could act in a a small society.

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About the author Heðin Brú

Heðin Brú (1901–1987), novelist and translator, was considered the most important Faroese writer of his generation and is known for his fresh and ironic style.

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