As a member of the book club, you receive 5 books a year. They are in your hands
before they reach your local bookseller’s shelves and you receive them at a 20% discount.

As a club member, you also receive a 20% discount on Sprotin’s publications when purchasing them on our website.

We aim to fuzz over and nurture the joy of reading, and, in doing so, develop our delightful,
flexible and yet forceful language.
The more members join the club, the better we can ensure quality in every aspect of the club.

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About the club 

Sprotin Publishers is the proprietor of the Book Club. As a club member you are offered 5 books a year and commit to purchase at least 3 books a year.
When you become a member, the first club book is sent to you.


Bókamiðsølan (The Book Distribution Centre) dispatches the books, administers the member list, etc.
If you have any administrative queries, please contact Bókamiðsølan.

Á Hjalla 7 B
FO-188 Hoyvík
The Faroe Islands
Tel. +298 23 57 82


When you register as a book member, you enter your name, address and e-mail address.
We need this data to send the books to you and inform you of new publications.
When you are registered and receive the first book, Bókamiðsølan will give you a club member number.


Payment and Delivery Costs
When you receive the books, you will receive a giro payment form.
The total cost must be paid in full before you receive the next book.
The cost of delivery is added to the price of the book.
Alternatively, you can fetch the book at Bókamiðsølan. To do so, please contact or call +298 23 57 82.


The Next Club Book
Every time you receive a club book, you will be informed about the next book with an e-mail.
If you do not wish to receive the next book, please call +298 23 57 82 or e-mail


Club members receive 20% of all books on this website.
The discount is automatically subtracted from the sale price, when you make your purchase.
You must be registered and logged in on this website in order to receive the discount.

Book club books from Sprotin